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Brand culture

In the unremitting self-improvement, social commitment, concentrated; inheritance Hua Fei




Technical R & D personnel


Annual export volume

Export countries

Brief Introduction

Casting national brand is ready for China to take off

Self-discipline and Social Commitment, we strive to be the best. By Self-Motivation, national brand can be established. Since established, Jinan HUAFEI CNC Machine Co.,Ltd. has focused on introducing and cultivating high technicians and takes it as development strategy. At present, many professionals have been brought together who specialize in researching and developing of CNC welding and cutting equipment. Technical strength is always cherished as core competitiveness of our company.

With constant efforts of all staffs, our products have been sold well in domestic market and exported to many countries in the world, including Australia, Indonesia, India, Burma, Iran, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Azerbaijan, KZ, U Z, Sri Lanka, etc. During establishing the national brand of HUAFEI, we always hold the responsibility of culture communication between china and the world.

On your way in life and career, HUAFEI can be your loyal friend. We can establish our own national brand and witness prosperous future in a harmonious world.

Core Competitiveness

Advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonable price

Development history

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