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table type cnc air plasma cutting machine

Product overview

Characteristics:1.Integrating CNC technology, mechanical running and thermal cutting technology, QG III desktop CNC cutting machine is an effective, precise and reliable cutting equipment, excellent m...

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Product introduction

Desktop CNC cutting machine:

 QGIII desktop CNC cutting machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision and high-reliability cutting device integrating computer control, precision mechanical transmission and thermal cutting. The good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple, and can cut quickly and accurately. A variety of complex shapes of plates, especially suitable for medium and thin non-ferrous metal sheets, stainless steel and carbon steel sheet automatic cutting, it adopts integrated modular design, quick installation and easy to move.

Product Characteristics:


1.Product Structure

  Advanced integrated structure. compactand solid and stable: horizontal light-typestructure and double-side driving servosystem guarantees an excellent runningperformance.


2。Transverse Guideway

  It adopts Chinese or imported linear guide rail with high precision and good guidance. Longitudinal guide rail adopts special rail. Its surface is grinded and has 7-grade mechanical accuracy.


3.Servo motor and dust shield

  The servo motor adopts Panasonic servo drive system, which has the function of position detection, high motion accuracy, wide speed range and short acceleration time。 Dust shield effectively prevents dust from entering, and avoids affecting mechanical accuracy。


4。Control System and Programming Software

  MicroEdge pro,or famous domestic brands according to customer's requirments。 Australia Fast CNesting software(professional version)

5。Machine Accuracy:

1. Installation accuracy of guide rail:

1) Straightness accuracy of main rai

±0。2mm / 10m

2) levelness between two rails


3) Longitudinal levelness of main rail

±0.2mm/m; ±2mm/ overall length

4) Parallelism between two rails±2mm/ rail space

2. Machine accuracy:

a。 Longitudinal effective strok

>nominal size 20mm

b. Transverse effective stroke

> nominal size 10mm

c。 Linear positioning accuracy

±0.1mm/10m (1000×1000mm Comprehensive graphics detection) GB deviation≤±0.3m

d。 Linear repeat accuracy


e. Torch stroke


f. Cutting speed

±5% of setting speed

g。 Automatic lifting precisio

3. Comprehensive machine precision:

a。 Length deviation(four sides


b。 Diagonal deviation


c。 Back to the origin of the deviation


d. Diagonal straightness accuracy


e. Intersection deviation


f。 Linear deviation


g. Entire machine positioner precision0.1mm

If the above machines can not meet your needs, please contact us, professional engineers to provide you with the best solution and quotation!

technical parameter

Cutting Speed 0 - 6000mm/min
Color Plasma or flame
Effective Cutting Range 1530 or 1840
Motor type Servo Motor

Application example


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